Real Estate

Our office assists with many aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions. Our clients include both individuals and entities involved in the acquisition, development, and operation of all types of commercial and residential properties.


This is a list of the common documents our office prepares. Please contact our office if you would like us to prepare a document.

  • Assignment of Mineral Lease:
  • Affidavit of Heirship:
  • Mechanics Lien:
  • Power of Attorney:
  • Release of Lien:
  • Special Warranty Deed:
  • Trust Certification:
  • Warranty Deed:
  • Warranty Deed with Mineral Reservation:
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Our office, in conjunction with our title company, Freedom Title, will prepare closing documents for a cash- or owner-financed transaction. Our documents are customized to the transaction and can vary.

Full Closing Documents (Deed of Trust, Warranty Deed, and Promissory Note):

Full Closing Documents with Wrap (Warranty Deed with Vendor’s Lien (Wraparound Financing), Deed of Trust (Wraparound Financing), Wraparound Promissory Note, Escrow Account Statement, First Payment Letter):

Partial Closing Documents (Promissory Note and Deed of Trust):

Fees for the documents are payable at closing, but can be paid in advance by either party. Our fees only cover the document preparation and do not include filing or attorney fees. If desired, the attorney or one of our on-site escrow officers will perform the closing as a courtesy.


Please note: if the contract is currently open in any Freedom Title office, the attorney will be unable to give advice because of a conflict of interest.

Review of Documents: 
The attorney will review an already executed real estate document, such as a residential or commercial sales contract, residential or commercial sales lease, or business agreement, and offer a 15 minute phone consultation. If additional services are needed, you will be advised as to the needed services and fees.

Draft/Revision of Documents: 
Preparation and/or revision of real estate document, such as a contract or lease. However, negotiations with the other party remain the responsibility of client.