About Us

This website is a service of STOKES LAW OFFICE, PLLC, a Texas law firm. Its purpose is to provide high-quality online legal services relating to Texas mainly in the areas of estate planning, probate, real estate, and small business development. We do not handle any case that may go into litigation, but we would be happy to provide a referral.

Our office employs sound business principles alongside hard work. We are committed to earning the trust of clients by approaching each client with honesty and integrity. We spend the time needed to listen to the specific needs of each client. More specifically, our office focuses on the individual client and delivers solutions that answer a client’s unique needs.


Stokes Law Office, PLLC, a Texas Law Firm


Kellie Stokes is a sole practitioner, which allows her to give you the personal attention that you deserve from an attorney. She focuses her practice on assisting families and individuals with developing an estate plan to meet their needs. This includes drafting wills, trusts, power of attorneys, and other needed documents. In the event of a death Ms. Stokes assists families with probating their loved one’s estate. Additionally, she advises those starting a small business in Texas. This includes drafting documents to form a Texas business entity and contracts or other documents associated with starting a small business. In addition to her active legal practice, Ms. Stokes is a fee attorney for Freedom Title. She is involved in the active real estate market and the legal aspects of real estate on a daily basis.

Our legal services are a blend of traditional in-office consultations with online resources. Our services are conducted via email, and only supplemented by phone or fax when necessary. Emails are given a priority and answered same day or next business day. Our office has found that emails are the most efficient and prompt form of communication with the most reasonable expectation and cost.


Complete and submit the form for the area of practice on which you are requesting information: Estate Planning, Probate, Small Business, and Real Estate. You will receive a prompt response confirming we can handle your type of case, go over the submitted form, our procedures and fees, and if you so chose, to schedule an initial meeting with the attorney. We will then draft any requested documents, and, if necessary, schedule a follow up meeting to sign all documents. Reasonable follow-up questions within the immediate time frame are included. Please see our Fees & Policies page for our fees, our procedures and list of all possible documents.

While we have every confidence in our system and our clients, we know it is not for everyone. Those who require a more personal touch may prefer a more hands on, in office law firm. Please let us know as we may be able to recommend one to you.


Kellie Stokes serves as the corporate counsel to all the Freedom Title offices. In that role, our office must be a disinterested third party to closings that come through those offices and cannot advise on contracts currently open in any Freedom Title office.

Additionally, we cannot advise on any matter where we have previously advised the other party. There comes times during initial contact with the client when we realize the connection and must refer this matter out immediately. We will refund any retainers made during the course of this matter, if any, and give you referrals to several attorneys in the area you may be able to handle your case.


Fees quoted on this site are for initial phone conference consultations unless otherwise noted. In-office appointments are available but may incur higher fees and are reserved for complex cases. We do not handle any case that may go into litigation, but we would be happy to provide a referral. Entry-level services include:

Estate Planning. The fees for estate planning start at $500 for a single estate and $700 for a married estate. The fee includes an initial in office or phone consultation to discuss the estate, drafting basic documents, and the signing appointment in office. Advanced documents may be needed, but are not always necessary.

Consultation on Probate Matters. The consultation fee is a flat $100 and is usually applied to the fee for handling the estate. The consultation includes a comprehensive analysis of your circumstances with recommendations for probate options available to your circumstance. An in-office consult is $225.

Consultation on Real Estate Law. Consultation fees are a flat $100 for residential or commercial matters. If a document draft or revision is desired, an additional fee of $225 will be assessed. Documents and correspondence pertaining to your case should be emailed or faxed to 972-436-8712 prior to the consultation. Consult fees may (but not always) be applied to certain flat fees for additional services. In-office consults are $225 per hour with a one-hour minimum.

Small Business Development. For the formation of a new business, the fees are a flat $950 for single member entity, and $1,050 for a multi-member entity. This fee includes an initial in office or phone consultation, filing fees, drafting corporate documents and a signing appointment in office.

For advice on an existing business, the fee starts at $225. Consult fees may (but not always) be applied to certain flat fees for additional services. In-office consults are $225 per hour with a one-hour minimum.

Go to Fees & Policies for additional services, fees, and policies that apply to all clients in place of written fee agreements.


For convenience in remitting payment, we accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover credit cards, as well as wires and overnighted checks. We cannot start legal work on a file, which includes reviewing submitted forms, contracts, creating a file, or provide any legal advice until payment is made. Please contact our office at 972-436-8141 to process a payment.

By paying with a credit card, you are automatically authorizing our office to keep your information on file for future transactions. All information is stored securely for one year. After one year of inactivity, your credit card information is deleted. If you would prefer we not store your information, please notify us before your first transaction. Recurring billings, such as payment plans, must be stored in order to process timely.


After Ms. Stokes agrees to take your case, a retainer of at least $500 is required to cover court and filing fees. Once the case has been completed, a final invoice will be sent to you for remittance. We also offer to send you monthly invoices for remittance instead upon request.


Our office is located in historic Old Town Lewisville. We serve clients in Dallas, Denton, Collin and Tarrant Counties.